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Tips for Safe Sunbathing on Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is not a reason to avoid basking in the sun, you know. Pregnant women are still allowed to sunbathe. But there are some things that need to be considered so that sunbathing remains safe during pregnancy. Some pregnant women may hesitate to bask in the sun for fear of the skin will burn. That is not entirely wrong, because the skin of pregnant women does tend to be more sensitive and flammable. But if done in the right way, sunbathing can have a positive impact on the health of pregnant women. Benefits of Sunbathing during Pregnancy If done in the right way, basking in the sun during pregnancy can have a positive impact on the health of pregnant women and the fetus, such as helping the developing fetus and reducing the risk of high blood pressure in pregnant women. Vitamin D contained in sunlight is also beneficial for improving the immune system, eye health, and bones of pregnant women. It's just that, if not done in the right way, sunbathing has risks, for exampl
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Nausea after exercise you can overcome and prevent this way

Exercise has a variety of benefits to support a healthy and fit body. But sometimes there are things that can interfere during your exercise, for example experiencing nausea after exercise. If you've experienced it, let's, find out how to prevent nausea after exercise below. Nausea after exercise is usually experienced by someone who is doing high-intensity sports and cardio, such as running too far and too fast. Nausea during sports can be experienced by anyone, whether beginners, people who are used to doing sports, or even athletes. Causes and Ways to Overcome Nausea After Sports Nausea after exercise can be caused by decreased blood flow to the digestive organs. Lack of blood flow into the digestive system can make the stomach feel uncomfortable, thus causing you to experience nausea. This happens because during exercise, more blood enters the body's muscles than the digestive system. In addition, nausea after exercise can also be caused by dehydration and too ho

How to Listen to Music For Safe Ear

Listening to music you like can be done to improve mood. However, this benefit should not turn out to be the cause of hearing loss. One study showed the benefits of listening to music to improve mood published in a psychology journal. The study revealed, listening to music merrily for two weeks consistently makes a person happier. In addition, music can also restore the spirit and relieve stress naturally. Eliminating the Risk of Hearing Loss Thanks to Listening to Music Although it has the potential to provide good benefits for the body and soul, it does not mean it can be haphazard or too loud when listening to music. This is useful so that the benefits are not damaged by adverse effects that may arise, it is recommended to do this while listening to music: Balancing sound duration and intensity If you want to listen to music without the potential to interfere with hearing, use the 60:60 rule. That is, listen to music no more than 60 minutes every day. In addition, adjust